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"Falls are not an ordinary risk of life."

It is always a cause-effect relationship.

SRGS, resbaladicidad, caídas, UNE 41901, UNE 41902, UNE-ENV 12633:2003


Pavement is the building element of the environment that most interacts with the individual. For years, the friction that exists to put in contact with the user and the pavement has been studied as one of the most influential properties and related to the risk of falling.

The demands of the users are very different and each individual will demand properties to the pavement, so that it can make a safe and comfortable march. The risk of falling from a person over 75 is not the same as that of a young person. The mobility of the individual and their perception of the environment make safety a key factor for their development. It is important that the user generates a safe ride. This safety will reduce the level and number of falls.

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The agents involved in creating the spaces (from architects, engineers, public and private managers, manufacturers, laboratories, builders, maintenance and conservation companies) are responsible for the materials we use and install in our projects and we must preserve the health and security of all users.

In Spain, nearly 1,000,000 older people are injured outside their homes, and 1,500,000 accidents occurr. This means an accident rate of 12.8% of the population over 65 years.

The slippage of pavements is a serious real problem, which until the entry into force of the New CTE Building Code in 2006, were not standardized, except for NTE and NBE.

The use, transitability, inadequate maintenance, poor quality of some materials, prevent the non-skid properties from being maintained throughout the pavement life.

Their lack of control poses a significant risk to users, which can lead to serious injuries.

significantly compromises
the health and safety of users”
resbaladicidad, caídas, UNE 41901, UNE 41902, UNE-ENV 12633:2003

"Slips, trips & Falls " 

Conference Madrid 2020

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SLIPS,TRIPS & FALLS Conferencia internacional Madrid 2020
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