"Falls are not an ordinary risk of life."

It is always a cause-effect relationship.

Slips,Trips & Falls

Conference Madrid 2020

13 y 14 febrero 2020


Floors´s problematics.

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The agents involved in creating the spaces (from architects, engineers, public and private managers, manufacturers, laboratories, builders, maintenance and conservation companies) are responsible for the materials we use and install in our projects and we must preserve the health and security of all users.

“Slipperiness when it is deficient,
significantly compromises
the health and safety of users

Problematic pavements placed before 2006

  • The Technological Standards of building (specifically the NR RSR 1984 rule) were not mandatory. In the usual practice of the projects executed between 1980 and 2006, it was usually indicated that the items were in accordance with the Technological Standards of Building, however, the sliding resistance test was not carried out.

  • Until the elaboration of the draft ISO 13006 (1984) on ceramic tiles, NEVER the slip resistance of pavement tiles by the manufacturer was not taken into account. Absence of total control.

  • Since the mid-1990s, European manufacturers have adopted the TORTUS coefficient of friction method: * "The values of 0.40 adopted were totally insufficient to not significantly compromise the health or safety of users"

Problematic pavements placed after 2006  of publication Spanish Code of Edification 
Certificate / declaration of performance of the manufacturer. The problem lies in the certificates of manufacturer a tile model is certified but not all the manufacturing items of that model are certified.

  • Improper maintenance of pavements: The continuous use by the services of maintenance of the installations of polishing machines or scrubbers, certain cleaning products that leave a sliding film ...

  • Loss of anti-slip properties: The poor quality of some floors that quickly lose their anti-slip properties.

  • The use and the transitability. They impel that this class is maintained during the useful life of the pavement as indicated by the CTE

  • Multiple cases of absence of quality control sometimes.





“They will keep this class
throughout the lifetime of the pavement "

CTE Technical Building Code

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